Current Joomla Extensions

I develop Joomla extensions for small businesses. The extensions I develop have all be started to fill a need in our own Naturopathic clinic in Brisbane.

My current extensions include:


An online booking and appointment scheduling solution for small businesses, day spas, beauty clinics, and natural medicine clinics.

PBBooking is designed to allow clients to book services online and help to reduce some of the phone load. It features:

  • Single page customer interface
  • Ability to support multiple practitioner / resource diaries and availabilities
  • Ability to define multiple service types and allocate services to practitioners / resources
  • Basic integration with an offline calendaring solution such as Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird


Does your small business run small groups, workshops, or information evenings? Do you need to allow multiple clients to register for a single event at a nominated time and date?

PBEvents is an event management tool for your Joomla website. Events are created in the administrator page and a plugin displays a reservation form in any page of your choice. Unline PBBooking, PBEvents is designed to allow multiple people to register for the same event.