Mon January 2014

PBBooking now Allows Editing Booking Details Table Display

This morning I just pushed out the latest update in PBBooking The a9 update allows the booking details table to be edited. This feature enhancement has been requested by a number of users.

To edit the booking details table go to the main PBBooking Configuration and click on the Advanced Settings tab.

Booking Details
Booking Details

The booking details table will be included in the PBBooking emails in place of the |*booking_details*| smart tag. The syntax for editing this field is using Mustache.

Currently the service and the calendar object are exposed. You can access these using the Mustache dot notation.

For example the service price would be accessed by entering {{service.price}}

For registered users with a current subscription you can download the update from here:

Please note: you need to be logged in to your account to access the download.

Tue December 2013

Removal of ICS Synch - Now Only Google Calendar Synch

With the latest release of PBBooking desktop calendar synchronisation using ics publish and subscribe has been removed.

What Does This Mean?

As of the only mechanism for synchronising calendars in the commercial version is using Google Calendar Synch. You can find docs for installing this here.

Using Google calendar synch requires you have a Google account, either Google Apps, or non-Google Apps and have installed the Zend Gdata API.

Why Remove Publish & Subscribe

The publish and subscribe options have been useful but have had some drawbacks which google calendar synch removes:

  1. On most calendaring applications other than Mozilla Sunbird it was not possible to publish AND subscribe on the same calendar.
  2. In more recent versions of Outlook the ability to publish to a server other than or a CalDAV source have been removed.
  3. The script used for publishing exposed another entry point into the CMS which needed to be secured.
Mon December 2013

PBBooking Update & Template Overrides

The new update to PBBooking makes some changes to the way the booking engine creates, saves, and validates event. This has in turn meant that changes have been made to the views.

If you have customised views using template overrides these will need to be updated to be compatible with the new versions of the booking engine. The sections below summarise the layouts that have been changed and changes.


  • A script section has been added to the top of this file defining a Javascript variable dtstart. This is set to the current time slots date and time. See lines 32–36.
  • An additional JS file is being loaded (jquery-dateFormat.min.js) on line 17
  • The service selection select box has been renamed from treatment_id to service_id
  • Three new hidden inputs have been added date1, dtstart, dtend


  • An additional JS file is being loaded (jquery-dateFormat.min.js) on line 23
  • The service selection select box has been renamed from treatment_id to service_id
  • Three new hidden inputs have been added date1, dtstart, dtend,service_id
Tue September 2013

Open Cart / Sendy - Now Respects Newsletter Preference

I have just updated the OpenCart Sendy Integration to now correctly support the yes / no radio buttons on account registration.

The result status is also stored in the oc_sendyintegration table. This means in the main Open Cart Sendy Integration Dashboard the last 5 signups will also show the results from the Sendy server.

As always download from the github repo here. Problems? issues? suggestions? raise a ticket on the issue tracker.

Mon September 2013

Open Cart Sendy Integration

Do you use Sendy and Open Cart?

Sendy is one of the most awesome, self hosted email list managers I have come across in a long time. For much of our clinic stuff I have been using Mailchimp but after playing with Sendy I have started using this on some of my new projects.

Most recently I have been setting up an online health shop for our natural health clinic. Rather than manage the newsletters through OpenCart I have decided to use Sendy to do this. Unfortunately out of the box Open Cart does not have Sendy integration, but it does have an awesome framework for developing extensions. So the logical choice was roll your own….

The result is out on github. NB: you will need to have vqmod installed to use this. When a customer signs up the entry is now pushed straight to your Sendy installation.

Currently the entry is always pushed regardless of whether the customer wants to subscribe or not! Not good practice, nor are address details or other custom fields pushed across to Sendy. This will follow!

Project Milestones

PBBooking 100%
PBBooking 11%
PBBooking 7%
PBEvents 0.3.4 release 50%
Events Manager Pro 0.1 40%